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Drive Operational Resiliency with Connected People and Systems

The ways we work, live, and shop have changed. Retail brands have been affected in dramatic, sudden ways. Innovation is accelerating as retailers adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Drastic shifts in demand and supply are forcing retailers to rethink operations, sales, and service. Download the Retail Trends Playbook 2021 to get examples and strategies to drive operational resiliency today.

Leverage real-time insights that help you better understand loyalty, demand, and supply to identify areas of improvement that lead to innovation

Differentiate with data-led initiatives from an intelligent supply chain. Create an agile approach to inventory that leads to operational resilience.  

Seamlessly integrate web and app-based digital channels with in-store technology. Power end-to-end omnichannel analytics capabilities.


Sunrise Technologies is a global, gold-certified Microsoft Partner specializing in the implementation and support of
Dynamics 365. Sunrise also provides exclusive extensions and capabilities in key industries – apparel, footwear, consumer goods, and home furnishings companies with manufacturing, distribution, and/or retail operations.
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