Are your systems ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a Digital Holiday Season?

With e-commerce all the rage in the Covid-19 era, retailers are relying on their direct to consumer e-commerce channels like never before. With so much at stake, marketers are pulling out all the stops to acquire net new customers while increasing average order value among their existing customer base. Today, business and IT leaders must lean on one another to ensure a successful and profitable holiday season. 

Join Brad Edwards, Chief Technology Officer, Sunrise Technologies and Sheila Bothwell, Microsoft Retail Specialist, for a special discussion on how to get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and a Digital Holiday season.  

Topics include: 
  • Best practices around code freezes and load testing
  • Investing the right amount into your IT infrastructure based on accurately forecasting demand
  • How to ensure your marketing initiatives do not overly stress your supply chain, fulfillment operations and customer service teams
  • The role of the retail store in a digital holiday season
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Since 1994, we have focused on delivering global, omni-channel, business intelligence, and Tier 1 supply chain solutions for apparel, footwear, home furnishings, textiles, consumer products, manufacturing, and retail companies. We have a proven track record deploying large scale projects and when we ask our customers why they picked us, the #1 answer is our industry experience. 

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