Evolve Your ERP

Your business has changed, but has your technology? Find out how to evolve with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Most companies with legacy ERP systems are turning to the cloud as the only viable option to keep pace with change. This eBook dives into the specifics of evolving to a cloud ERP model with Microsoft Dynamics 365. What sets Microsoft apart is that you control your cloud. Not to mention the company offers a unique mix of productivity, process, intelligence, and infrastructure solutions. Whether you go all out with a new ERP or dip your toe in the water, Microsoft offers countless pathways to the cloud. 

61 % of growth-oriented businesses are moving from on-premise to cloud solutions to better engage customers, empower employees, and optimize operations. 

50% of companies using a cloud ERP model have real-time visibility — just 25% of companies using an on-premise solution can say the same.

Did you know? 59% of business said they would consider a cloud-based ERP model in their next implementation and interest in on-premise models in in free-fall.


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