Manage Your Complex Operations Better with a Modern ERP


Whether you are a consumer brand, a manufacturer, or a distributor, you likely face unique challenges that are cumbersome to manage on outdated, legacy systems. We teamed up with Ultra Consultants to bring you this on-demand webinar to dive deeper into the three of the top industry challenges and show how you can solve them with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Product variants and multi-dimensional products with various attributes and configurations can be better managed with a modern, intelligent cloud solution. 

Put an end to your creative workarounds for planning, forecasting, and scarce goods allocation with improved supply visibility. 

See how the cloud can help support all your distribution channels, and even the ones you might expand into down the road.


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Dynamics 365. Sunrise also provides exclusive extensions and capabilities in key industries – apparel, footwear, consumer goods, and home furnishing companies with manufacturing, distribution, and/or retail operations.
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