Sourcing and planning and soft allocation – oh my!

Don't let challenges like these slow you down.
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the most common problems faced in the apparel industry. 


Whether your apparel business is manufacturing, distribution, retail, or a mix of everything, there are unique challenges inherent in the industry. These are just a sample of the problems we cover in this interactive eBook.

No two ways about it – apparel is a multi-dimensional product and sometimes it is even configurable! With thousands of potential combinations, you've got to have an intelligent management solution. 

With long lead times and a complex supply chain, there's little room for error when forecasting demand. Intelligent allocation is a must to avoid unhappy customers and a ding to the company's reputation. 

Keeping the perfect, balanced ratio of stock is a very fine line to walk. Retail replenishment engines can help but usually, these include a costly implementation and integration to your ERP or merchandising system. What if there was a better, faster, cheaper way?


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